Q- What types of wildlife do you handle?
A- Squirrels, Bats, Snakes, Raccoons, Beavers, Birds, Opossums, Rodents, Moles, and more!

Q- What locations do you service?
A- We service all of South Carolina. We service all of Richland, Lexington, Kershaw, Lee, Darlington, Florence, Sumter, and Calhoun counties.

Q- Are you licensed?
A- AAAC Wildlife Removal of South Carolina is licensed, bonded and insured and our damage repairs are warranted. S.C. Residential Contractors License RBS#56834

Q- Are you available on weekends/holidays?
A- Yes, AAAC Wildlife Removal is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Q- Do you warranty your work?
A- All of our work is warrantied for one year and can be renewed each following year. If any nuisance wildlife gets through our repair work, we will remove the problem animal and repair the original work for free.

Q- Do you offer repair services to any damages that wildlife may have caused to my property?
A- Along with wildlife removal, part of being a complete wildlife removal company is being able to do quality wildlife damage repair, exclusions and seal ups.

Q- How can I make my home less vulnerable to nuisance wildlife?
A- The best way to make your home less vulnerable to wildlife is by preventative services. If you minimize the access wildlife has of getting into your home, the less likely you will be to have a problem.

Q- What is the initial fee for you to do an inspection of my home?
​A- AAAC Wildlife Removal charges $99 for inspection fees, however, if we are hired to do the job associated with that inspection, we take that $99 fee off of the total bill at the end of the job. Therefore, if we are hired to take care of the problem, the inspection is free.

Q- What kind of diseases do wild animals carry?
A- Wildlife can carry all kinds of diseases that vary anywhere from Leptospirosis to Rabies.

Q- Do you remove dead animals?
A- We do offer a dead animal removal service priced starting at $199. 

​Q- Do you offer dog or cat services?
A- No, AAAC Wildlife Removal is a private company that only deals with nuisance wildlife.

Q- Are discounts available for Veterans and Senior Citizens?
A- Yes, we provide 10% discounts for all Veterans and Senior Citizens.

​Q- What can you do for a snake problem?
​A- We have two options when dealing with snakes. The first option is a snake search, which is a search (up to an hour) and removal of any snakes we can find. The other option is a snake service, which includes the search, removal of any snakes we can find, a repellent application (exterior) which lasts about 30 days, and snake traps set if our technician feels it’s appropriate. We can do reapplications of the repellent each month following the initial service. We will also do an inspection of your home and provide you with an estimate to seal your home to prevent wildlife entry should there be any issues.

Q- Do you offer clean up services after the wildlife has been removed and the damages have been repaired?
A- Yes, AAAC Wildlife Removal offers clean up services, nest removals, attic & crawlspace restorations, and enzyme treatments. Clean up services that are offered vary based on what our wildlife technicians see best fit to accommodate different wildlife situations. 

Frequently Asked Questions: