3/5/19- Squirrel Removal & Damage Repair

Our office got a call about noises being heard in an attic of a home in Columbia, SC. The very next day we sent our technicians, Jim Medlin & Caleb Wilson to inspect the home from top to bottom, finding any signs of wildlife entry into the home. Our technicians concluded that this client was having an issue with squirrels gaining entry at a hole the squirrels had chewed in the soffit and also recommend sealing any gaps at the connecting roof lines of the home. An estimate was created and our client agreed to have the work completed. 

With a signed agreement, our technicians set squirrel traps that day to get the process of trapping the wildlife out of the home started. Two days later our client gave us a call to let us know we had trapped a squirrel that morning and we sent our technicians to go pick up the animal right away. Waiting until we were sure we had trapped any & all wildlife in the home, we went back out to the clients home and completed all the work and seal up that needed to be done. They removed all the cages, including the trap over the squirrels' main entry into the home, and sealed the hole to ensure the squirrels would not be able to get back in. The squirrels had been removed from the home and the damages had been repaired, making our job compete.